36 inch of Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Range with Six Burners

If you like to cook various meals for your dinner, you will need decent kitchen appliances. The 36 inch of Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Range is one of the recommended options. This product is highly recommended since it is able to help you cook different variety of recipes. Compared to any products of downdraft electric range, this series in particular is equipped with several features. In this article, we are going to talk about why this product should be in your kitchen.

Every product of Jenn Air downdraft range is well known for its quality. With its ideal dimension, this product can fit in any kitchen interior design. You can place it between kitchen countertop. Alternatively, incorporating the product in the kitchen island is also possible. The pro tip if you want to install it into your kitchen island is to make precise measurement first before cutting the kitchen island. The design is made out of durable metal material. Aside from being able to last long, it also gives modern looks from its glossy appearance.

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The dimension of this product is able to accommodate up to six burners at once. It means that you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The burner of Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Range is powered by two 20,000 BTU, three 15,000 BTU, and a 5,000 BTU. The burners are completely sealed off to ensure the safety of the product when being used. The burner features electronic ignition for your convenience. The FlameSensing feature allows the burner to re-ignite easily.

There are several reasons why professional recommends Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Range for making any convection. The main reason is related to the features that will help you to make convection perfectly. The feature of auto convection conversion comes with MultiMode. Dual fans system will ensure that the product will get proper air circulation. Other than the six burners of the cooktop, the oven section of this product is definitely a good feature to use.

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After talking about the features and specifications of the downdraft gas burner, you might want to know about the material used as well. The gates of the oven are made out of cast iron. The cast iron material is able to last longer. The best part about it is that it will not deliver the heat from the oven. The interior of the oven is also spacious. It is able to accommodate different types of bakery. For those of you who need gas range, the Jenn Air Downdraft Gas Range is definitely a good option.

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