5 Jenn Air Grill Parts You Have To Know

Jenn Air grill parts are easy to get. It is important to get the repair part so you don’t need to get confuse if something happen with the grill. Before choosing the repair grill part, you can check the list below. Hopefully, it helps you to find the best Jenn Air grill parts you need to buy.

The Way to Consult about Jenn Air Grill Parts

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The way to find or ask anything about Jenn Air grill parts is easy to do. What you have to do is check the phone number. Just make sure that the phone number is active and it is answered by the real customer services. It is also possible for you to use chatting application to consult about the parts you want to buy. For those who tend to use different type of medium, it is also okay to write down your question by email and wait for the reply. The reply has to be clear and give you enough explanation about grill parts you want to know or you want to buy. If you already sure, you can start to take further action such as ordering the grill parts you need most. By consulting the part you want to buy, you can limit mistake and you can use your grill just like before.

The Steps to Get Original Jenn Air Grill Parts

Let say, you have an outdoor grill but you can’t use it because you have to replace one of the parts. Because it is a must for you to get the original Jenn Air grill parts, you should follow the instruction to order the original grill parts. For example, before ordering the grill part, you should mention the year, model, and the serial numbers. Then, make sure that you are entering the data on the right category. How about if you don’t know the detail of the grill? You don’t need to worry because you still have a chance to buy an original part to replace the damage one. Jenn Air helps you by classified the series. There is a sign whether the serial number is classified as new grill version or the old grill version. Now, you can input the data and make a request for Jenn Air grill parts.

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Finding the original grill parts looks complicated to do and it takes time. But, you should do the step. Just remember that the original part will keep the performance of the grill just like before. So, just make sure that you only purchase original Jenn Air grill parts.

Who does not like grilled foods, everyone exactly love to. Especially in a moment where you gather with family or friends, roasting meat is a pleasure activity. But the bad thing is then it produces smoke which sometimes hurts your eyes. However, starting today you don’t need to be worried anymore because Jenn Air Grill comes to make everything better and more practical. Yet, the grill design by Jenn Air is also looked elegant just like Jenn Air downdraft electric range. so it will make your kitchen good. More than that, it works quicker than the others. Thus, having Jenn Air grill will help a lot your cooking moment. If you are curious with this holy grill, look into this article due to you will know more about it. Check it out below:

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1. Burner Assembly

The first part that you all should know is the burner assembly. There are 5 types burner assembly you can choose. The first one is stainless steel tube burner. It consists of a mounting flange and air regulation screw. Yet, stainless steel tube burner is also available in various length so you can take the one that you need. The next is cast stainless steel burner. It has rubber valve stick bushing, back mounting peg with cotter pin clip, and an air mixture regulator with insect screen. Then, there is stainless steel looped tube burner whose feature is a mounting end with a superficial flange and the holes drilled on each side. The last one is stainless steel straight tube burner. It has an air regulator shutter and a weld on heat protector flange.

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2. Cooking Grate

The next part is cooking grate. Similarly, the cooking grate is also available in various type. You can take the cooking grate with either two or three pieces. Yet, you can decide between cooking grates ith material iron or stainless steel so does with the length, it is available for 2” up to 36”. Everything you need is now provided by Jenn Air Grill.

3. Handle and Knob

Handles and Knobs by Jenn Air Grill is made by plastic with black and chrome color. It is suitable for grills with 6mm or 8mm diameter “D” shaped finger hole stems. In addition, it also contains 6 inserts that enable you to select knob “ON/OFF” position and a set bolt with locking pressure tab.

4. Heat Distribution Plate

Heat distribution plate is made by stainless. It works to make surface temperature and protect from the evaporation food drippings and burner. Moreover, it is ready in several size so you can choose by yourself.

5. Ignitor Components

Ignitor components by Jenn Air include electronic ignition module, electrode wide and assembly, Igniter wire with 2 female spade or round connector ends, single or outlet manual rotary spark generator and knob, and electronic ignition module with push button cup. In this case, you are allowed to choose depending on your preference.

That is all Jenn Air Grill Parts that are designed to fit in your roasting cooking need. It is guaranteed that Jenn Air grill will give best experience ever. Happy cooking!

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