All the Things You Have to Know About Tiger Wood Flooring

When you want to have durable flooring for your home, tiger wood flooring is the right choice you can choose. There are so many types of hardwood flooring, but tiger wood flooring is the best choice. Why? You can find the reasons by reading the information below.

What is Tiger wood?

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Tiger wood is Brazilian hardwood which has stripes that looks like tiger stripes. Other name for this wood are African Walnut, Congowood, Bototo,  Zorrowood, and more. This hardwood is very useful and often used for flooring product. As we know that hardwood is so good for interior design, especially for flooring. Hardwood flooring not only gives exotic nuance in a room, but it also makes the room becomes so comfortable.

Tiger wood comes with various coloring and striping. It makes this hardwood become so desirable. There are so many people who want to buy this hardwood for their home flooring. The coloring and striping makes people can choose the coloring and striping that really matches with their home design. Not only looks so exotic, this hardwood is so durable. Compare to oak, this hardwood is more durable than oak. So, you will get many benefits when applying this hardwood as flooring in your home.

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How to Maintain Tiger Wood Flooring

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Now you have known the characteristics of tiger wood. So, have you decided to choose this hardwood for your home flooring? If you choose this hardwood, you have to know the right tips for maintaining it. Here are the tips you can use:

  • People usually uses rug to cover the area of flooring. When you use tiger wood as the flooring. you have to avoid rubber-backed mats and rugs. Why? It is because the rug and mats made of rubber can discolor your tiger wood flooring.
  • Change the position of your rug. Don’t place it in one spot for long time. For your recommendation, you can move it once a month to avoid discoloration.
  • Use light filtering window treatment. It can reduce the sunlight that exposes your tiger wood flooring. By doing it, your tiger wood flooring will last longer and still has beautiful color.
  • Remove your furniture periodically. The area that is covered by furniture will be darker. So to avoid it, you can move the furniture periodically to make all tiger wood flooring has same color.
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We can conclude that tiger wood is good material for flooring. Not only has beautiful color, but it is also easy to maintain. Finally, hopefully the information about tiger wood flooring above will be useful for you.

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