Basement Laundry Room Ideas and Elements

There are some basement laundry room ideas that you can utilize for your personal home and space. If you have the unused room under the house, you can always transform it into something useful and functional, such as the laundry room. However, a laundry room doesn’t have to be boring or plain. No matter the size, you can always make the room appealing to the eyes with the visually attractive layout. There are some ideas that can transform your laundry room into a fun and appealing room.

Laundry Room and Playroom

basement laundry room ideas


laundry room in the basement

If your basement is pretty big, why not combining two rooms together? Having a basement laundry room and a playroom gives you a chance to watch over the kids while you are doing the laundry. You can dedicate a wall for the washing machine, dryer, and storage (including racks or shelves) and use another sections for the playroom. Paint a wall with the chalk paint or have a play corner with the mat and toys. If you have this, you can do your laundry in a relaxed manner without having to worry about your kids.

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Elegant Luxury Laundry Room

A laundry room doesn’t have to be shabby or lousy. In fact, you can turn the space into an elegant home office with the working desk, the space for the office utensils, and others. You can use one wall for the washers and use another wall for the working station.

Laundry Room with Island

old basement laundry room ideas


moving laundry room from basement to main floor

An island isn’t exclusive to a kitchen only. You can also include an island in the basement laundry room design. The island can be used to fold the clothes or sort the clothes. It can also serve as storage compartments and areas for everything – the cleaning supplies, the folded clothes, and other stuffs.

Functional Laundry Room

What if you can fold the clothes or iron the clothes within the same room? What if the laundry room has the ironing board or table? What if the laundry room has the storage racks and shelves and containers? The functional basement laundry room can have all of these things.

Important Elements in the Laundry Room

unfinished basement laundry room ideas


basement laundry room makeover

When you create or remodel a laundry room, there are several important elements that you need to include, such as:

  • Storage. No matter how big or small the room is, having the storage is important. It gives you the chance to stack the dirty laundry as well as the clean ones. The storage allows you to store the cleaning supplies efficiently so your cleaning activity can run well.
  • Lighting. Make sure that you have enough lighting so you can do the laundry anytime of the day. You won’t find it comfortable if you have to wash the clothes in poor lighting condition.
  • Colors and Patterns. Although the laundry room should be simple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include fun colors. Consider having your favorite colors!
  • Function. No matter whatever design you incorporate, the room should be functional. Can you do the laundry conveniently? Can you store the cleaning supplies there?
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There are still tons of designs and ideas for the room. You just need to pick the right basement laundry room ideas for your needs.

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