Bedroom Design Tips for Japanese and French Styles

Bedroom design tips are needed for those who are looking for some inspiration in designing their bedroom. There are a lot of styles of bedroom designs which can be the options for people. Japanese and French styles are two of the most favorable styles that can be applied in your bedroom. Those styles bring different uniqueness and special features. Here are some tips for you to set your room in each style.

What Uniqueness Occurs in Japanese Bedroom Style?

japanese style bedrooms from ikea

japanese style bedrooms from ikea


japanese style small bedroom

japanese style small bedroom

–  Low bed and furniture with Straight Lines

Japanese bedroom style mostly provides a small room with straight-lined low bed or even no bed. Moreover, there is sometimes a small low tea or coffee table. Everything is usually low, including the light in the room and other furniture.

–  Earthen Color

Earthen color can be a good choice for a modern Japanese bedroom style. It is good to dominate the room with brown color, and then, combine with white and green in very small pieces. For example, you can paint the wall in a light brown and put white in the bed cover. Then, you can put green pillowcase on your bed and some little areas in the room. You can also put green wallpaper behind your bedroom only while other sides of the wall stays in brown.

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–  Lantern and Koi

Japanese lantern and koi, a kind of fish, can be good decorations for your room. Those two things can give the impression of Japanese culture because those two things occur as the cultural symbols in Japan. So, you can put a Japanese lantern aside your bed and a picture of Japanese koi attached on one side of your wall.

What Specific Features Occur in French Bedroom Style?

french style painted bedroom furniture

french style painted bedroom furniture


white french style bedroom furniture sets

white french style bedroom furniture sets

–  Big Cozy Spring Bed

Unlike the Japanese style, French bed is usually high. It looks like a bed for a queen because the mood is close to luxury. The bed line is not straight; it is bumpy and wavy.

–  Brightness

The lighting of a French-styled bedroom is usually bright. It is, of course, provided with a lamp with low light used while sleeping. The lamp is usually put on the wall on the upper part of the bed. It is also possible to put the lamp on the desk beside your bed.

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–  Armchair, Sofa, and Bench

In a French style, you can put an armchair and a sofa in the bedroom. You can also add a bench near the feet area of the bed.

–  Linen

You can use linen not only on the bed but also on the window as curtains. Besides that, you can also put the linen as wall decoration put on the wall behind your bed.

Those are some tips for you to set your bedroom. This article only discusses about two styles. If you want, you can search for other bedroom design tips.

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