Several Appealing Bonus Room Ideas

Want to know some of the bonus room ideas? There are some simple ideas and designs that you can implement to the bonus room – making it functional and useful. If you are a homeowner having the bonus room, then these ideas can be handy. At least it gives you the inspiration of how to transform the room – not only about the functionality but also the visual aspect.

The Concept of the Bonus Room

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You see, most spaces already have their own use and function. They are basically having the designated purpose. For instance, the master bedroom is your shelter from the world, a place where you sleep and rest. The kitchen is the place where you prepare the food and a place where the family member gathers. When there is a room inside the house and you don’t really know the purpose, that’s your bonus room.

Does it mean that you should be happy with the excess room? Not quite, really. The bonus room can make the house layout challenging and you are left being confused. However, if you are clever and creative, the bonus room can turn into the best space inside the house. Here are some great bonus room ideas for your inspiration.

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Homework/Home Office Room

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Is the house always full with scattered binders, textbooks, and papers? Do you always need the space where you can keep all of your professional stuff without being touched or disturbed by the kids? You may turn the bonus room into home office/homework room. Being away from video games or TV, this room can be a quiet place to work or to do the homework. Simply place some desks and chairs and some containers so your kids can study and you can work in peace. Keep in mind to have the space for the folders and binders.


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If you are into books so much and you don’t really know where to put your collections, the bonus room can be turned into a library. Imagine having your own personal space with shelves and racks filled with books. You can even create a certain space or spot for the kids’ books so the library can be yours and the kids’ too.

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Home Gym

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One of the coolest bonus room ideas is to turn the unused room into the workout studio. Feel free to place the treadmill or other working out equipments inside the room. But if you are a little tight on the budget, you can always make use of it for your exercise activity. You can use it for your Yoga routine. Even with several simple dumbbells and exercise mats, the studio has finally had its own function.

Gaming Room

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Are you into gaming so much? Or is everyone in the family into gaming? Do you all have the competitive flair? Then the bonus room can be turned into a fun gaming room. You can freely install your favorite gaming system, consoles, and equipment. You have set yourself a cool room inside the house!

Those are just some ideas and examples for the bonus room. There are still plenty of options for the bonus room ideas that you can browse and explore.

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