Exodus White Granite Countertops Uses for Interior Room Design

Exodus white granite countertops not only could place in the kitchen but also bathroom, bar, and cabinet for your book. It is beneficial to save many things to keep your room still neat and clean. As one of the most popular materials for the countertop, granite stone is beautiful and can add a big boost to your home’s resale value. Additionally, white is never a wrong color.

Exodus White Granite Countertops Ideas

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Build up your kitchen is never be perfect without the presence of countertop. Here are some counterpoints ideas that also exodus white granite countertops that could apply in your kitchen, bathroom, until bar.

1. Contemporary Kitchen Design
Contemporary style offers a beautiful collaboration of granite slabs for kitchen countertops, white granite background, and cabinet dominated by kind of dark color. Another feature like glass pendant could refresh your kitchen by its light.

2. Dark Kitchen
If you prefer to dark splash style in your kitchen, by the sparkling white granite of exodus, your kitchen so excellent with well-combination of the dark and white cabinet. The exodus serves elegant favor with the black and white of granite countertop. This way also works if you bring a bar to your kitchen.

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3. Bathroom
The white color domination in toilet resulting the feeling of calmness and peace. Not limited to bright color, the combination of white granite in exodus and countertops could combine with to improve your mood.

4. Book Shelves and Cabinet
Stop talking about kitchen and bathroom, here another way to place the exodus white ice granite countertops on the bookshelves and cabinet countertop. The wooden cabinet is working with the countertop in beige, white and black color combination. The countertop is an optional point giving a saving feature to save some stuff like books you wish.

5. Bar Kitchen
You can decorate a small kitchen with white and black granite countertop full fill the splendid bar kitchen outlook. The metal hook lights seem mild but refreshing to your bar kitchen.

exodus white granite kitchen

By place exodus white granite countertops you can decide other a vast patterns and colors varieties. If you prefer traditional charm rather than modern one, pick a subtle like White Granite with Moon pattern or Black Pearl Granite that softly shimmering. This way could improve your room to be more dramatic with such exotic looking.

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