How to Build a Basement Bar – Making Your Basement into an Entertainment Space

Basement is one of the places in your home that goes to waste. It’s often just there for you to store your junk and collect dust. Why not making your basement into an entertainment space for your family and friends to enjoy? You can transform it into a theater room, a game room, etc. All of them would be complete if you build a basement bar too! Here’s how you can DIY your own bar in 5 easy steps.

Steps to Transform Your Basement

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1. Prepare the material

Some materials that you need to make your basement bar are about 6 of 16′ 2X4 wood, MDF Board in 4’X8′ sheet, and 1-1/2″ trim. As for the tools that you need are screwdriver alongside some 3″ screws with the same bit, small 1″ finish nails, 2-foot level, a table saw, Compound Miter Saw, tape measure and a pencil. But, don’t worry tho, you don’t have to buy all of those expensive gear to make your basement bar. Ask your neighbors and friends and see if they have tools that you can borrow.

2. Lay Down Your Base

Before you build a basement bar, you need to decide where you want to put your bar. See if the layout will work with how you want to entertain your guest. If you have a designated place already in mind, measure off how far and tall you want it to be. Cut your 2X4′ at the length that you prefer and erecting it as your measurement before. Make sure that you build your frame strong, a 2X4′ wood is strong enough but you need to pay attention to the join. Use screws to secure them.

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3. Make Your Supporting Structure

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You have to make a supporting structure for support as well as for a shelf under your bar. So your structure will totally depend on your design of your bar. Two or three blocks of structures are enough. Measure where your “shelves” would be and build a supporting structure using 2X4′ as well. You do the same thing as when you build your base. So, make sure to also make your supporting base is strong when you build a basement bar.t

4. Install Your Material

Before taking your plywood, make sure to insert stabilizers on top of your frame. You can use several 2X4’s as your structure. This is to ensure the stability of your bartop. When it’s all done, put some plywood sheet to your structure. Remember to make the right measurement before cutting your sheets. You can also install the material into the sides of your bar top too at this step. After that, remember to put the trimming on the edge of your bar top as the finishing touch.

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5. Polish It!

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As far as the constriction goes, you’re all set at this point. You can make your bar looks nicer with painting and polishing finish on your bartop and the sides. Choose the color and the finish to match with the rest of your entertainment area. Though, a dark and polish bar always looks nice at any setting. Make sure to tie it all well so, in the end, you can say to build a basement bar is all worth it.

Then it’s all finish! You can enjoy using your basement as your entertainment area to invite guests to come in. This will be better than just letting it collects dust and a place for your hoarding obsession. Whether you compliment your bar with theater by adding TV and sound speakers, or by adding gaming furniture like a pool table, you will enjoy a party with your friends and family!

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