How To Identify The White Rose Granite Countertops Quality and Grade Like a Pro

White rose granite is the favorite choice for home decoration. The natural stone of this granite has a beautiful white background with the smooth cream coarse grain and black speck, makes this material look stunning and ideal for decoration. When you are intend to pick the White Rose granite countertops, you will see a variety from the low to high level. So, it is crucial for you to know how to identify the quality and grade of it. Let’s read our tips in this article to know the way to do it.

The Key Aspect To Understand The Quality and grade

White Rose Granite Slab

This granite has several factors that determine the quality regarding durability, appearance, cost of the material and installation. Here is the main aspect of identification to consider.

1)  Measuring The Thickness
The White Granite Countertops material is considered the grade and quality by measuring the thickness level. The high-quality white rose granite slabs for countertop should be around one and the quarter inch.

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2)  Considering The Visual Appearance
There are numerous colors of white rose granite choices, yet some gradation and unique substance are in higher demand than others, that were also contributing to the cost and quality consideration of the material. In the bottom grade, there is low-grade granite that featured with soft material substance and less color variation. Next, is mid-grade granite that referred with clear color and stable patterns. Finally, there are high-grade granite that reserved for one kind  bright contrast of color and patterns

White Rose Granite Countertops

3)  Know The Surface Durability
The most marked difference in granite composition durability in the low or high grade occurs when comparing damageable surface of these white rose granite countertops. The lower the quality of the granite the easier it is to get scratches on the surface and vice versa.

4)  Review Granite Porosity
The last aspect that you must know is about the porosity level.The porosity level drastically alters the quality of granite, the higher the ability to absorb the lower the quality of granite and vice versa. So if you bought very porous granite, you would need regular sealant to survive your countertops.

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White Rose Granite Kitchen

It’s not hard to identify the white rose granite countertop quality. The essential thing you must do is know and learn the main aspect that defines the quality of it. This article can be a handy guide for you to start choosing the best quality and grade of your granite countertops.

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