How To Maintenance Orinoco Granite Countertop For Sustainable Use

These countertops offer a deep iridescent color and unique appearance through the frame of white, gold, copper vein, and the silver mineral into smooth surface. The Sensa orinoco granite is the material that provides highly resistante to stains and scratches, which has a reputation easy to maintain. The Orinoco granite countertop is needed precaution action to protect it from damage. This article provides specific best steps should be taken in maintaining this countertop.

The Easy Step to Take Care Orinoco Granite Countertop

Orinoco Granite Countertops

A protective treatment is needed to your Orinoco granite countertop during the using process.The treatment is capable of ensuring the consistency of the color, texture and natural beauty of this granite slab while keep maintaining a very high resistance to scratching and staining characteristic.Here is a few tips to keep your granite in perfect condition as the first day you installed it.

1)  Make Sure Granite Countertop is  Proper Sealed
Firstly is essential to make sure your granite countertops is regularly and continues to be adequately sealed. You should seal your countertops in particular time, about once or twice a year. The sealant is the function to prevent countertop from stains, etching from damaging the granite and maintained the absorbing moisture.

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2)  Adding  Cover To Protect From Temperature Shick
Secondly, although this granite selections countertop is the hardest mineral on earth, it also has the potential to get scratched. This granite is very unlikely to crack when faced with high-temperature shock. So it recommended using tablemats cover underneath the hot items to protect it from the direct heat that can leave marks and blemishes on your countertops.

3)  The Chopper Board  for Extra Protection
Furthermore, these countertop is also weak when it forced with getting hard pressure on its weak substance spot. We recommend you always to use a chopping board to protect its surface from the sharp and heavy subject.

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4)  Clean It Regularly
Even your orinoco granite countertop already get proper sealant and cover; your countertop still had the potential to get stained’s Necessary to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. The best way to clean granite countertops is with soap and water or special formulate granite cleaning.

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After all these Orinoco granite countertops are a significant investment in your home area.So if you want to make them look best and sustainable for use, just get it started to practice the tips in this article to maintain your countertop.

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