How to Reset Pur Water Filter Light by Yourself

To live the life healthy is a must. The way to deal with it is by completing the nutritional needs which comes from foods and water. In this case, to help you acquire the water which are free from harmful particles, technology provides you an electronic equipment to filter before you drink it. It is called pur water filter. It works for purifying the water when you put the water into the top of the pitcher. Then, it will be dispersed through a filter tool. Additionally, this pur water filter has an indicator light to show that the water is safe and clean to be consumed or not. But, how if the pur water filter light troubleshooting thus you cannot assure whether it is good for your body or not? Then, should you just dispose it? No, you shouldn’t because we will let you know some steps of how to reset pur water filter light after this. So, check it out:

how to reset pur water pitcher filter light

1. Clean the Whole Pur Water Filter Parts

The first step you can do when you find that the pur water filter light doesn’t work is clean the whole parts. You can rinse each of them off using clean water. It works to remove the particles left which obstruct the system of the indicator light.

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2. Dry the Whole Parts

After you rinse the whole parts of pur water filter off, now you can let it dries by the air. You can use a fan to hasten the drying process. When all of them have been dry, you can install it back. Later, you should press the reset button for five seconds to test whether it the light indicator has been worked or not yet.

3. Check Under the Filter Part

If the previous steps cannot fix your problem, then try to check under the filter part of your pur water filter. In this case you have to remove the filter house first. Then, you will find a spring-like sensor right there. The sensor occasionally gets stuck so that the light cannot be reset. To solve this problem, you can easily use a tool like knife butter or others to wiggle it out until the sensor is released. After that, take the filter part back and hold the reset button for five seconds once more.

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Recognize the Indicator Light Meaning

For additional information, we would like to point out the indicator light meaning so for you who haven’t known yet will understand. Check it out below:

1. Green Light

If the indicator light of your pur water filter shows green light, it means that everything is alright and the water that you drink is already purified.

2. Yellow Light

Yellow light indicates that you need to replace the filter because it won’t be worked sooner or later.

3. Red Light

When your pur water filter shows red light, it means that you need to stop because it can no longer to remove the harmful particle anymore. Thus, you have to remove the filter part and replace it with a new one.

Those are the steps of how to reset pur water filter light you can do by yourself. Make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and drinkable. Have a healthy life!

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