How To Take Playdough Out Of Carpet And Without Leaving Any Mark

Playdough toy is the most popular toy made by Hasbro for the children and toddler. It is straightforward to play and could enhance the children creativity since there is no a single formula or recipes to play this game. The toddler use it and rely on their creativity to make something awesome from the playdough

Removing playdough from the mat or carpet

how to get playdough stain out of carpet

However, there is an annoying downside when the playdough is getting stuck in the carpet. Playdough for kids are the made by the sticky material, and therefore it is very hard to remove it from the carpet. Here is how to take playdough out of a carpet.

1. Vacuum the playdough

The one and easiest but less effective methods are by vacuuming the carpet to such the playdough. If the playdough clay that is being stuck, then you will have the hard time since that is the hardest type to suck since it is very sticky and heavy. If vacuuming is still leaving a good portion of playdough there, then try the second method on how to take playdough out of a carpet.

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2. Dampen the warm cloth and put it on the playdough

The hot or warm water on a cloth can ease the playdough sticky material and thus easier for you to remove it manually. You need to put the cloth there for about an hour, and then you can start brushing it or take them manually.

how to get dried playdough out of carpet

3. Brush the carpet gently

The playdough games can be pretty wild, and therefore the pieces of playdough will be thrown away and get stuck in the carpet. And if this happens, you need to brush it gently so that you won’t break the leather or the rug. Cleaning too hard will make your carpet pulled out and thus destroying the looks of your precious rug.

4. Stick more of it to pull the other

This is an excellent idea on how to take playdough out of a carpet. The material that made the playdough is sticky, and therefore the playdough will stick to the other playdough and removing it from your carpet.

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Those are the methods on how to take playdough out of a carpet. If any of that is not working, then you need to bring the rug to the laundry.

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