Impressive Features and Specifications of Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range

Modern kitchen requires modern appliances as well. When it comes for range for your modern kitchen, the Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range is one of the best options that you can take. This product is designed to be elegant yet luxurious. It can be combined with black stainless steel refrigerator for your modern kitchen. Compared to most range products, this flagship product is equipped with impressive features. The product will not only make your kitchen looks impressive, but also help you to create your favorite dining menu without any problem.

As it goes with other electric ranges, the main concern is related to its performance. The performance delivered by this product is reliable. You do not have to be worried over the replacement for the components as well. The Jenn Air parts are well known for its durability. In the case where you need replacement, you can always contact the company to send the replacement for it. Other than the durable components, this electric range is also famous due to its features.

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jenn air downdraft electric range parts

The dimension of Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range is at 30 inch. It allows you to fit the range into your kitchen. This dimension can be aligned perfectly with any kitchen countertop style. Alternatively, it is applicable for the island of your kitchen as well. The main feature of this product is definitely the downdraft ventilation. This ventilation feature allows the air to flow uninterrupted. Therefore, your kitchen is guaranteed to have healthy air circulation.

The components of Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range include several elements that can be used for different purpose. The power required for the bake element is up to 3,600 watt. Meanwhile, the convection element requires up to 3,200 watt. As for broiling, 4,000 watt of power is more than enough to ensure a perfect broiling. As you can see, this appliance is able to help you creating any types of cookery. Keep in mind that those elements are hidden in secure location. Therefore, they can be functional without interfering with your cooking.

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jenn air downdraft electric range with grill

This electric range is also highly recommended for those of you who like to cook. The auto convection conversion will ensure that you will get any cake with perfect condition. There are several auto convection modes as well. Those modes can be selected according to the convection you want to make. If you want to keep your convection warm, you can take advantage of KeepWarm option. The telescopic glide rack provided by Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range allows you to take the convection effortless.

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