What to Do when Planning the Open Kitchen Design

Planning an open kitchen design takes skills and creativity because you want joined spaces (and rooms) that look separate and yet flowing. Such a design can be tricky because you can be trapped in a chaotic and disorderly manner if you are clueless about what you are doing. But no need to worry because there are some steps and guide that are expected to help you along the way. Don’t fuss too much with complicated or complex arrangement. Keeping it simple is one of the best ways to manage it all.

An Open-Plan Kitchen

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Such a design is perfect for informal and casual lifestyles where you want to naturally build a working station and a social bridge at the same time. An open kitchen is versatile and it allows you do a lot of things at once. It hones your social skills because you can engage and interact with other family members or guests while preparing the foods. You can watch the kids while cooking or have a nice chat with other people.

Although this open kitchen design is perfect for small homes or apartments, it can also work in bigger houses. It’s important to manage and plan the decoration, sound control, and smart zoning arrangement if you want to enjoy the open kitchen layout to the max.

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Keep in mind that open-plan scheme isn’t exclusive to kitchen only because you can actually incorporate to all rooms in the house. It’s crucial to plan cohesive styling ideas and smart decorating so each area will look somewhat separated and yet flowing and seamless too. You want to achieve a harmonious look without hurting your financials.

Breaking the Walls Down

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If you have a cramped or small kitchen, it is best to break the walls down to come up with the open kitchen layout. It gives you an open layout and extra space (and also light). If you want to create boundaries, the best way to do it is to use a separator or a partition. It can be in a form of a glass door. Or if you want to make it simple, a counter with bar stools would make it easier to separate the rooms. Want to define the boundaries even more? Play with the floor and color. You can change the two rooms (kitchen and dining room or kitchen and living room) in two different colors. The floors can come in different patterns and types. Or you can use sectional rugs to make them different.

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Zoning Planning

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Make sure that you have planned each zone and area before making the changes. Where is the station to work and do the homework? Which is the area for chatting – and possibly helping with the food preparation? This is an important factor in open kitchen design because of the nature. You want to make the working station to be as far as possible from the food preparation area so the working station won’t get in the way. Plus, it can take the advantage from the not-so-noisy kitchen situation.

Work Triangle

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No matter how big or small your open kitchen is, never forget the work triangle to reduce footwork – and to make food preparation as efficient as possible. That’s why the kitchen island is often needed so you can stay connected to the fridge, sink, and stove in the most effective manner.

When you have doubts in planning your open kitchen, consult the experts. Planning the open kitchen design may seem easy but it may be harder than you think.

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