Pros and Cons of Jenn Air Gas Grill

Throwing barbeque party is definitely a good way to start the family picnic. If you are a big family, you will need big grill to cook all the barbeque you need. The Jenn Air Gas Grill is a good option for this purpose. This grill has big grilling space that allows you to cook multiple barbeques at the same time. As the name suggest, it is powered by gas. Therefore, you can cook your barbeque anywhere you want without any problem. As it goes with most gas grill, this particular product also has advantages and disadvantages.

The big dimension of Jenn Air Gas Grill becomes its main advantage and disadvantage at the same time. As mentioned before, the large grilling space allows you to grill multiple barbeques. Unfortunately, it consumes more space than compact gas grills. It is highly advisable to use the grill for outdoor party. Indoor party, where the space available for cooking is limited by countertop, might not be suitable for the gas grill to be used.

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jenn air 720 gas grill reviews

Other advantage of Jenn Air Gas Grill is the durable construction. If you decided to use the grill for outdoor barbeque party, the grill will be exposed by direct sun exposure. Let alone the heat produced by the equipment. Thankfully, this series is constructed with stainless steel material. The glossy surface of this product will reflect the sun light. Most importantly, it is able to prevent the rust as well. The sauce splashes out to the exterior of this product can be easily cleaned.

Even though it has great advantages, it also has some major disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the quality issue on the infrared burner used. Moreover, the components do not last longer. This condition becomes even worse since the Jenn Air replacement parts for the gas grill are difficult to obtain. You will need to complete complicated procedure in order to get the exact component as replacement for the broken one.

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jenn air gas grill replacement parts

Other than the difficulty of finding the Jenn Air oven parts, it also has other major disadvantage. As previously mentioned, the construction of this product is using stainless steel material. It does have benefit of being durable and preventing rust. Unfortunately, in order to suppress the price, it is using thin stainless steel. The specification of this stainless steel makes it easy to dent. When you bring the Jenn Air Gas Grill outdoor, it might accidently knocked something. To sum it up, this product is recommended for outdoor barbeque party regardless the disadvantages it has.

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