Shadow Box Ideas to Keep Your Memories

Are you looking for some great shadow box ideas to keep your memories? Then you’re in the right place. We’ve some great ideas to help you make your own shadow box and complete with a guide on how to make it.

The Idea Behind Shadow Box

So why do people need a shadow box? Memories and mementos are very precious for a lot of people. Often, they feel they need to preserve those memories for as long as they can. These memories and mementos can come in many things, pictures, clothes, trophies and many more.

The idea for this article for you to not only finding the best shadow box ideas to keep your memories but also teach how to make one. Usually, a shadow box is an enclosed glass-front case that contains objects that has personal significance. How someone organize their stuff inside a shadow box is entirely up to them.

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The Materials

Let’s talk about how to make a shadow box. It’s not difficult at all to make one, and it’s very affordable too. If you have an old rack or cabinet you can use them to make a shadow box. A shadow box is just a framed box, with a few inches deep and protected with a glass pane.

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It’s time to gather your stuff, there must be something in your house that you can use. Gather a few things that you think you can use and arrange them. Next you can think how many shadow boxes are you going to need. To keep things organized, it’s a good idea to keep your stuff within the same category in the same shadow box. For example, you can use one shadow box to keep memories from your travel to Paris.

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The DIY Part

Next, you can decide how big your shadow box is going to be. If you’re planning to keep a lot of stuff inside then you’re going to need a bigger box. Do this before you start gluing pieces of wood to make your shadow box. As for the theme, you can try make your shadow box darker to signify sad memories or cheerful colors for happy memories. After you’re done, time to glue, use pins, or whatever to keep the structure stable.

Then, you can seal it with a glass pane, and enjoy your creation. Wasn’t so hard was it? Make sure that everything is in order and hang it on your wall. For best result, hang it somewhere safe and very visible for anyone inside the house. To summarize, you’d probably need a measuring tape, a pencil, a hammer, and nails.

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Shadow Box Design Ideas

Now for some shadow box ideas to keep your memories. Pictures are the most common one, pictures inside the shadow box will be safe for years to come and it’s probably the easiest shadow box theme you can create. To add more visibility, you can adjust the lighting in your house or get a dedicated lighting to highlight your shadow boxes. Your shadow boxes will look like it’s from a professional art gallery.

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If you have a twin, you can try creating two shadow boxes and hang them in their rooms. You can put their clothes or other items inside the shadow box. If they’re girls, you can make your shadow box as cute as possible to add their values.

As for the frame, you don’t have to make it rectangle. You can shape it like a house, or fruits or anything. It’d increase the challenge though, so prepare yourself. No matter what your decision is, we hope that you find the best shadow box ideas to keep your memories safe forever inside your house.

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