Simple Ideas for Adding Blush Accents to Your Decor!

Have you noticed that blush pink as a color is really seeing its peak right now? Since many household designer brands, like Tom Ford, bring it back on the runaway on spring 2019 show, people have been all over it! Not only does it shine in the fashion industry, many interior designers seem to take a liking in the pale hue as well. Blush becomes a go-to accent color for decoration, especially for pairing it with neutrals. You can do it too! Follow these simple ideas for adding blush accents to your décor!

Put a Little Blush in Your Live

bedroom with blush accents

1. Frame It in on Art!

The easiest thing to do to add colors into your home without spending a hefty buck is by having wall art! Wall art is relatively inexpensive compared to buying a freaking furniture! How awesome is that? Adding it in your wall would bring a little color into your room but it will not overpower your whole color pallets. This will be good for your living room areas or bedroom. Blush pink has a calming effect in a room.

2. Accent Pillows is the Way to Go

Adding blush accent pillows is the oldest trick if you want to change the appearance of your room. You can easily change the vibe of your room just by changing the pillow covers. Blush colors in your decoration are amazing against neutral pallets. Adding it on your couch or bed with accent pillows will not make it offensive, so your home is still going to maintain its neutral look.

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blush accent curtain

3. When in Doubt, Go with Flowers

Any home that has flowers in it will automatically transform into a beautiful surrounding. If you like flowers in your house, go with blush or pale pink color roses. You can’t go wrong with that. Pinterest worthy? Check! Put your roses on your bedside table, your coffee table, or on your shelves to give the feminine but sophisticated look. If buying flowers every day isn’t in your budget, go with the faux one! Who says that it has to be real? It just has to look as if it does.

4. Throw some Throws!

Throw blankets on your furniture looks amazing! Especially on cold seasons like fall and winter. Your place looks inviting and warm if you have that. You just want to warp yourself up on those blankets and forget the cold! This will be the perfect way in adding blush accents into your décor. Go with something like a cable knit blanket, which is super popular right now, or some light airy blanket for summer weather!

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blush velvet accent chair

5. Sprinkle Your Place with Small Accessories!

If you like showing off your pieces, then go with this route. Blush color in small accessories will make your place look super cute. What’s on-trend right now is putting little trinkets like small vases, pink blush mugs, or action figures with cute look. The accessories will not overpower your overall decoration but brings some uniqueness into it. Keep in mind though, you don’t want to add blush accent color too much in your place, or else it will make it too crowded.

Adding blush in your decoration will look good against neutral pallets. Exceptionally better if you pair it with gray. So if you have neutral as your main pallet, go with blush as your accent color! Whether you go and put blush pink in a wall art, or as accent pillows, or accessories, they will go together either way. Make sure you refer back to this article when you decorate your place!

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