The Living Room Theater: A Concept for Your Home Theater

The living room theater can be a good concept for your living room set. If you decide to put a big screen in your living room, you need to consider more the arrangement of the room. You have to make sure that the room is spacious enough to put a big screen inside. This article gives you some tips to arrange the living room with theatrical theme.

Where to Attach the Screen?

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If you have decided that your living room theme is related to theater, the first thing that you have to think about is the place to attach the screen. The best place to put the big screen in your living room is in front of the position of the sofa and armchairs. The distance from the sofa and the screen is approximately 5 meters.   The point is that the distance should not be too close or too far. 

What Supporting Device Should be Included?

Since the concept of the living room is theater, you can put supporting device, such as DVD player and some DVD movie cassettes. You can put a small cabinet under the position of the screen. This cabinet will keep your DVD collection to watch. This cabinet is also functioned to put the DVD player. So, at least, you provide some films to watch, even though you have subscribed some channels which provide movie programs.

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How about the Decoration?

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The decorations can be very good supporting details to show the theme of your living room. Attaching some movie posters on your wall can be a good idea. It will strengthen the mood of the home theater.  You can also put some miniatures of movie characters on the cabinet near the DVD player. Wallpapers are also good to be the decoration. You can choose wallpapers with dark color to dominate the room, and also put some bright colors as the addition. Dark color is also supportive to the picture and lighting projection. The darker it is, the clearer the projection will be.

Do I Need Carpet?

You might need carpet to be placed in front of the position of the sofa. It can be the solution if the sofa is not enough for the people who are watching the movie. Carpet can be the additional space. You can also put carpet which is covered the entire floor of the room. This carpet is also functioned as the insulation of the sound.

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So, are you sure to have a living room with theater theme? Then, make it almost similar to the real theater.  Those are some tips that you can use as the inspiration to set the living room theater.

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