Type of Glass Bathroom Sinks For Simple Bathroom Remodeling Project

Glass bathroom sinks is one of the options if you want to redecorate your bathroom. This sink is commonly used because of the simple design. Moreover, the glass material makes the sink stylish and clearly seen. Before choosing the best one for your bathroom, you may check the reference below.

Solid Tempered Glass Sink

One of the possible glass bathroom sinks you can apply is tempered glass sink. It is used because of the unique style and color. The color and the design remind you of a Japanese bowl. Interestingly, this type of sink is commonly offered along with scratch and stain resistant. Solid tempered glass is a good option for those who want to remodel a bathroom with classical theme.

blown glass bathroom sinks


undermount glass bathroom sinks

Clear Color Tempered Glass Sink

If you want to remodel your bathroom into modern design, clear tempered glass bathroom sink is a good option. The clear color looks simple but stylish enough especially for modern bathroom. You just need to decide the size of the round bowl first to make it fit with your cabinets. The most interesting is that you can easily install and clean it.

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Multicolor Glass Bathroom Sink

The best part of choosing a multicolor glass bathroom sink is on its design. The colors look attractive but still simple in your modern bathroom. The uniqueness of this sink is that you can see different type of color from different angle. It is because it is made with three different colors. For example, you can apply a multicolor glass bathroom sink with blue, yellow and green colors. It is very attractive sink to apply.

glass bathroom basins south africa


green glass vessel bathroom sinks

Boat Glass Bathroom Sink

Round bowl is not the only shape you can apply. For different variation you can also apply boat glass bathroom sink. Just like the name of the sink, it means the shape of the glass sink is looks like a boat. The design is suitable for any kind of bathroom décor. It is not a problem whether you want to use it for hot or cold water. This type of bathroom sink is commonly offered with scratch resistant so it will be long lasting.

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Which one of the glass bathroom sink do you want to choose? Actually, it depends on you and the design of the bathroom itself. The most important thing is that you get one of types of glass sinks for your bathroom and you can consider applying this glass bathroom sinks.

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