U Shape Kitchen Design Tips and Ideas

The U shape kitchen is basically ideal for all kinds of kitchens – small or big. It is most ideal for small space because it enables you to work around the kitchen efficiently although it may be limited to only one cook – two cooks the most. So, what should you know about the design?

U Shape Kitchen Design Concept

u shaped kitchen island



u shaped kitchen lay out



u shaped kitchen remodel


Also known as the horseshoe-shaped kitchen, the counters and cabinets are usually installed around the three sides with an open end for the access. The kitchen can be narrow, looking similar to galley kitchen. The U shape kitchen doesn’t have to be boring and plain because there are different designs and styles to be incorporated to the layout.

There are several houses where the homeowners combine the kitchen with other rooms, such as the living room. You can also implement this U shape design where one of the walls in the U shape layout is open and connected to other rooms. In this layout, the open space will create a bigger visual effect and you can still manage the U shape look without being confined.

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Several Handy and Useful Tips

u shaped kitchen floor plans with island



u shaped kitchen with breakfast bar



u shaped kitchen layout dimensions


When you want to successfully manage the U shape kitchen design, there are several tips that you can do:

  • If you have plenty of natural lights, don’t be afraid to include dark colors or elements into the design. For instance, if you have a big window and abundance of light, you can have dark cabinets (such a black or dark brown or navy) surrounding it.
  • Green makes the interior decor looks fresh. You can add a touch of green with some potted plants or green pieces of furniture, such as green kitchen stools, green curtain, or green kitchen equipment
  • To create a stylish, luxurious, and exclusive kitchen design, don’t be afraid to add a touch of gold. You don’t have to include a lot of golden hues – adding golden trash can, elements for the kitchen backsplash, and others. You can do it in a subtle way and your kitchen will improve.
  • Do you want to combine your kitchen with entertainment room, and yet your kitchen is small? Use the projector to display your favorite movie or any entertainment that you want
  • You can choose neutral color for the basic kitchen layout. If you are tired of the color, focus on the replaceable items, such as the coffee maker, the toaster, or the oven. They often come in modern bold colors that can be replaced easily. Well, at least, it is easier than having to change the entire color of the kitchen.
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There are still other ideas that you can try. For instance, you can have the similar hues but made from different materials. Or you can combine wooden elements and grain-like finish if you want to achieve a modern look without spending too much. If you have many natural elements such as wooden ceilings, exposed bricks, or wooden pane, make use of them. Don’t hide them. If you can cleverly manage the setting, these natural elements can make your U shape kitchen design more interesting.

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